Feburary, 2016

One of my best friends had a Medical School interview at University of Illinois at Chicago and we decided to make a girls trip out of it! Here is a look into our mini adventure:


Lou Malnati’s Chicago Deep Dish.


A book store in Wicker Park that we spent a good amount of time in. It had so many unique and interesting books that we couldn’t help but spend a good amount of time browsing. Perfect way to kill the time we had!


50 degrees in February?! We’ll take it!


RM Champagne Salon


Riverwalk at night, after a day of shopping on the magnificent mile.

EATALY! Its one of my favorite places.


We stayed at the Virgin Hotel, downtown. It is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend. One of the amenities is a free ride in a Tesla, for up to 2 miles anywhere you need to go! This was our awesome driver who took us around.

We love trying new exercise classes! Aerial Yoga at AirFit, Chicago.


Dinner at The Pump Room, one of the most gorgeous restaurants I have ever been to. Great food, upscale, and great atmosphere!

A few pictures from the Virgin Hotel. By the way, they have a free happy hour and we ordered the most expensive sparkling wine on the menu. I mean, why not right? It was delicious!


Latinicity! Its like Eataly, but with Latin/Spanish cuisine. A GO TO IN CHICAGO.


Navy Pier.

I love going to museums and I love people who appreciate and can discuss art, science, history, etc. as much as I love to do. So going to see the Van Gough Bedrooms exhibit at the Art Institute was a must.


The bean!

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