Miami: layover


Travel Tip: Cheap flights sometimes come with long layovers, but i’m always willing to make an adventure out of it! In 12 hour + layovers, I’ve taken little excursions in cities like Chicago, Brussels, and Miami. So much can be done in this time – all you have to do is travel smart and maybe micromanage a little bit to figure out nuances and logistics (mostly, so you don’t miss your next flight). But if you can do that, then you’re golden.

So, 18 hours in Miami, FL? A trip to South Beach it is!

I am lucky enough to have a cousin who lives in Miami. I met up with her and we chilled on the beach for a bit, watched the sunset, and then went out to a Peruvian restaurant for pisco sours and some amazing food. We ended the night with froyo! On my way back from Nicaragua, I had the same long layover so I spend the night at my cousins again, and we went out for burgers. Great bonding time and mini Miami adventure 🙂


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