Day Trip: Grand Canyon, USA

Before my dental school interview in Phoenix, Arizona, my mom and I decided to take a few days off and go to the Grand Canyon! We did a day trip to the South Rim from Phoenix. Before going, I tried to look up information online to figure out if doing a day-trip was feasible and worth it. I got the impression that it would be okay, but felt there was a lack of information online. We decided to go for it anyways and came to the conclusion that it was definitely worth it.

The drive: The drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon was about 3.5 hours (we rented a car during our stay). It was so incredibly scenic that it felt much shorter! We left early in the morning, around 8 AM, after having breakfast at our hotel. We stopped along the way at an in-and-out burger joint, and at a gas station where there were really cool/different flavored chips and candies that you don’t find on the east coast.

The Grand Canyon: Once we got to the Grand Canyon, we paid a fee to get into the park (which is per car, not per person). We parked our car in a lot which was close to the main center. Once we used the restrooms and got our map, we were on our way! The south rim is so beautiful, and even though it was around 80 degrees in Phoenix, it was in the high 60’s in the Canyon. We started in the main area and took a walking tour of the history of the Canyon. Then, we asked a park ranger what bus route we should take in order to see the best lookout points. The coolest thing about the South Rim is that you can hike all along the edge of the rim, or hop on the buses which stop at every single lookout point. Buses come at each point every few minutes, so once you’re done at one lookout, you can go back to the bus stop to ride to the next one (or walk along the trail to the next one as well). We had enough time to do every single one, eat lunch at the lodge, buy souvenirs, and watch the sunset.

We drove back in the evening, leaving the Grand Canyon around 7 PM. It was a full moon and I was a little disappointed because it drowned out a lot of the stars, but the sky was still absolutely magical from sunset to sundown. We were back at the hotel by 10:30 PM.

It was a fantastic day.


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