An Open Discussion with The Dental School Coach

One of my favorite resources for pre-dents is the dental school coach! Zia, founder of the website and mentor, helps pre-dental students by providing interview tips, personal statement reviews, help with the DAT, mock interviews, and much more. He also interviews successful pre-dents, current dental students, and graduated dentists to build a resource with all different insights, from people with all different experiences and backgrounds.

I used the dental school coach to prepare for all of my interviews – every video and tip was a huge asset in my application process. I highly recommend all pre-dents check out his website and YouTube page for true high quality mentorship!

In this video below, Zia and I sit down to casually discuss myself as a “successful applicant”. Things I talk about:

  • My application and extracurriculars
  • How I prepared for the DAT
  • How I created my personal statement
  • How I chose how many schools to apply to
  • What I personally looked for in a program
  • What my interviews were like (Note: I could not talk about my ASDOH interview because I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the school)
  • How to find a job as a Dental Assistant
  • What I felt the most overwhelming part was applying to dental school
  • Why I chose to create my blog

…and much more!

Thanks Zia for choosing to feature me and Denthusiast on your website and YouTube channel! I hope this video helps those of you who are on your application journey.

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