Guest Post: Aiming for Perfection in Cosmetic Dentistry – Expectation vs. Reality

Introducing Brigitte, from! She is a skin care professional in Australia, and in her practice she comes across a lot of unrealistic demands when it comes to aesthetics and looks. As well, her mum is a dentist! Through her mother’s insight and watching her practice, Brigitte will talk about her experience seeing the unrealistic demands in Cosmetic Dentistry in Australia: 



From TV shows and movies to red carpets and perfect Instagram feeds, we’re constantly surrounded by and exposed to incredible beauty. Sparkling white teeth, perfect beach bodies, flawless makeup – the works. Most of us mere mortals have difficulty realizing that that kind of perfection doesn’t exist in real life and that all of those gorgeous models, actors and performers are airbrushed and photoshopped to perfection after spending hours in hair and makeup. This failure to realize that none of that is real has pushed us on a quest for perfection, and of course, we’re set up to fail as perfection is nonexistent. As with all other aspects of physical appearance, people have become increasingly drawn to the idea of the perfect Hollywood smile. As Forbes reports, most Americans are doing away with their ‘natural ivories’ and turning to full mouth reconstruction to get a new set of ‘choppers’. As Dr. Michael Apa states:

“Unfortunately, people are still asking for bigger, whiter teeth, but our job is to educate and say it looks ridiculous”.

So, what are some of the most common customer demands? That is the question we’ll be
answering today, along with the extent to which these demands are (un)realistic.


The California Dental Association shared a story of a difficult and demanding patient for whom the dentist made an anterior bridge only to have to remake it two times more because the patient was not satisfied with the shade. To make matters worse, this patient scheduled a repair of her provisional bridge while a permanent one was being fabricated. When she failed to make her appointment on time she became angry and demanded a full refund saying she wasn’t truly satisfied with the third shade after all.

The story ends with a warning – always be careful when a patient walks in with unrealistic expectations, and look for the red flags in the form of a photo from 20 years ago, or even worse, a photo of a celebrity. People are often unaware of the limitations the natural shape, size and color of their teeth pose and that there are both technical and clinical obstacles to providing them with the desired results.

Home Remedies


Age will take its toll on the appearance of our teeth. More specifically, the outermost layer of tooth enamel becomes thinner, thus exposing the inner dentin, which has a yellowish hue. As yellow teeth are completely unacceptable, people turn to all kinds of products to make them white again. There are tons of whitening pens and gels being advertised online, and in an effort to save money, people purchase them without knowing the risks of these home interventions. Yes, discoloration is unattractive, but there are qualified dentists that can perform safe dental whitening. It may cost a bit more but at least, you know your teeth are in good hands.

Take a cue from Australians. They are famous for their quest for health, dental health included. They make regular appointments with their dentist to make sure their
teeth are healthy. As an Aussie girl myself, I personally always rely on my trusty cosmetic dentist in Sydney when it comes to repairs, as well as whitening, because I’m aware that safety and health always come first. This is not something you want to do at home.

The shift 


If you have worn braces or have been blessed with natural straight teeth, it may come as a shock if you notice them shifting. Teeth have memory in their fibers, and as soon as you take off the braces they will try to go back to their original spot. There are other factors as well. For instance, one of the main causes of crowding are fillings and crowns, as well as chewing and clenching that over time wear teeth down. The result is smaller teeth and appearance of gaps, and anytime there’s a gap, teeth will move or even
overlap to fill the space. Teeth shifting can’t be stopped, unless you’re willing to wear a retainer or mouth guard for as long as you live. All you can do is brush, floss to fend off cavities and reduce the number of fillings, but other than that, be happy that your teeth are healthy and don’t try to change them. A bit of shifting gives you character, and unless they become crazy crooked, there is no need to put yourself through painful and pricey procedures.
There are no two identical sets of teeth, we’re all different and that’s what makes us unique. Make sure you pay regular visits to your dentist and take good care of your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth are beautiful, and while you can fix minor aesthetic flaws, you should be happy with the uniqueness and character your natural teeth give you and stop dreaming of an Angelina Jolie smile. You’re perfect the way you are.

Brigitte Evans

Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant  

Beauty Department



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