75 Ways to Become more Productive in Your Personal and Professional Life



We millennial’s are always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, without compromising quality, or our sanity. In order to be attentive in your work and personal life, successful, and happy, multitasking 24/7 while constantly tending to digital notifications is not the key. Taking on everything we want to do, and then doing too much at once will eventually lead to burn out. The result? We lose momentum, and our efforts undo themselves. Instead, figuring time management methods, healthy personal habits, and productivity tools into our daily routines will minimize stress while increasing quality and quantity of output.

Balance is key. What you DO NOT want to feel like is this guy right here:


Poor guy. If only he had read this list of things to do to boost your productivity and success, and minimize stress, below: 

Top level productivity hacks:

  • Read more (i.e. “independent reading”)
  • Find your passion
  • Learn to say no
  • Be kind to people
  • Eliminate the non-essential
  • Wake up early and use the morning to be productive
  • Reward yourself
  • Be honest with yourself and others
  • Just do it
  • Set a daily routine and stick to it: habit will almost always outweigh willpower
  • Automate everything you can. For example, set your credit card bills, loans, etc. to be paid on a automated payment schedule to avoid late penalties.

Productivity on a work level:

  • Use productivity tools
  • Develop an hourly schedule
  • Set goals that excite you
  • Write things down: use a planner, iCal, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Set deadlines
  • Do not procrastinate: use the Pomodoro method to avoid this
  • Visualize success
  • Stop multitasking and be 100% attentive to what’s at hand
  • Drink black coffee or green tea for renewed energy, not pop or energy drinks
  • Check e-mail at least 3x a day
  • Break tasks into smaller chunks
  • Silence your phone, or put it away completely
  • Work in varied environments
  • Work in comfortable environment temperatures, and adjust to make yourself comfortable
  • Track where your time goes
  • Keep workspace organized and clean
  • Organize tasks into categories by similarity, time to complete, etc.
  • Create to-do lists
  • Use a timer: the Pomodoro method
  • Take periodic breaks
  • Don’t try to take on everything: delegate if possible
  • Plan for Monday on Friday
  • Wake up at 6 AM or before, and do most important tasks earlier in the day
  • Plan for the next day the night before (breakfast, what to wear, what to do, materials you’ll need, etc.)
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Accomplish the most challenging or unpleasant tasks first, before attacking anything else
  • Minimize interuptions
  • Be mindful of your work space: don’t study or work at Starbucks if you know you need silence.

Productivity on a personal level: 

  • Turn off alerts
  • Respect your personal time
  • Don’t answer emails or texts as soon as you wake up; give yourself your morning personal time to start your day off without anxiety
  • Start a new healthy habit
  • Do not hit snooze on your morning alarm
  • Use your commute to relax your mind
  • Eat a protein rich breakfast
  • Focus on the outcome
  • Keep your personal spaces and home organized and clean
  • Set time out for friends and family
  • Have a personal hobby to retreat to (Netflix does not count)
  • Eat healthy
  • Make a financial plan
  • Open a savings account
  • Meal prep or meal plan to save time, money, and avoid food spoilage
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Avoid mindless “scrolling” on social media
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Be grateful
  • At the end of each day, list the “high” and “low” of your day – and what to do to improve on the “low”
  • Silence your inner perfectionist
  • Put a candle in your calming space
  • Silence the inner negativity
  • Fuel your body periodically with healthy snacks
  • Drink lots of water
  • Put away all electronics 30-60 minutes before going to sleep (phone, tv, computer, tablet)
  • Take care of your personal hygiene
  • Put music on when you wake up to release endorphins
  • Take a power nap of NO MORE than 30 minutes
  • Take a walk outside
  • Set a routine
  • Tell your loved ones you love and appreciate them
  • Strike a power pose
  • Play with animals
  • Smile


Hopefully by working these tools into your life, you will achieve success, happiness, and skyrocket your productivity. All the while, feeling calm and cool like these two above!

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