A Time Management & Productivity Hack: The Pomodoro Method

“A lot of us “older guys” in the dental field think millennials coming into the profession may be lazy, or just get everything handed to them… overly entitled. It’s just the perception and stigma.”

I recently listened to a podcast called DentalTown: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran, and in one episode he talks to current dental students about the perception of the modern day millennial (in general terms, not just one entering a dental profession) and the negative stigma attached to this generation. As I expected and would have done myself, the dental students jumped to defend their values and drive away misconceptions. One of the dental students goes on to say, “the millennial dental student, who is technologically adept, values efficiency over anything. We are passionate, we value balance between work and life, and we have so many more hoops to jump through to get to where we need to be. The older generations in dentistry did not have to take as many exams, as dental education is constantly evolving, and the competition to get into the dental field was not as cut-throat as it is today. This bad rep has to change, we have so much to offer and work very hard, maybe just in different ways.”

One thing that hit me was the idea of valuing efficiency, and I realized that I am constantly thinking about how to juggle my tasks faster, smarter, and by in no way compromising how well they are carried out. Because I have school, this blog, family and friends, working out, staying healthy, staying fit, and a pile of miscellaneous things I could add to the mix of that all buzzing around in my brain and needs tending to, it can get overwhelming. I thought to myself, I need to minimize distraction and mindlessness to be able to do everything I want to well, and in a timely manner. But how? It is so easy to start studying, and then see your phone light up to someone contacting you about your blog and then tending to that, then going back to studying, then feeling hungry, then starting to neglect your workout routine because you haven’t finished studying, then forgetting to call your mother…. I’m sure you can recognize the chaos. Even if I got everything done, I was exhausted by the end of it. I am very organized, but my “to-do” list only goes so far until a different task starts to distract from the one I am trying to complete. I needed to minimize distraction and increase focus.

Then I came across The Pomodoro Method. – This incredible time management technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo, is an amazing tool that has worked for me, and for thousands of people to increase productivity and flow, and decrease distraction and procrastination. The goal is to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions on focus and flow. This technique works for: students, lawyers, parents, writers, directors, teachers, managers, etc.

Now I will stop talking so you can find out what the Pomodoro is, and how you can improve your productivity instantly!

Watch below:

To learn more about the method from the experts who created it, you can visit:   The Pomodoro Technique Website Here.

At the end of the podcast, Howard Farran, an “older guy” in the dental field himself, says that if the entire older generation in the dental field were to spontaneously disappear today, he thinks dentistry would be left in the best hands. He has never seen such smart, driven, and talented dentists as the ones that continue to come out of schools today.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. Remember: work smarter, not harder!

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