What Do Your Teeth Say about Your Character?

Guest Post by: The Smile Gallery

Dental health is concerned with the condition and function of your gums, teeth, and mouth.

Dental health practises and oral hygiene routines aim to prevent dental complications including tooth decay, gum disease, and injuries and ensure your mouth maintains its functionality and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Why dental health is important

Maintaining your oral health is an essential aspect of making sure the mouth functions as it should, but it is also fundamental to your appearance and quality of life.

Having an oral health routine is about engaging in preventative dentistry practices to avoid costly and lengthy procedures before they become necessary.

If dental health is neglected from an early age, it can result in poor tooth health. Missing, crooked, misshapen, or misaligned teeth can lead to the development of speech impediments or a lisp, and it also renders chewing certain foods more difficult, and even painful.

Cavities are another result of poor oral health practices, which result from significant decay of a tooth’s enamel. Because cavities do not display noticeable symptoms until significant damage has already been incurred, it is important to visit your dentist in East Grinstead regularly for checkups and routine cleanings.

A poor dental care routine may also lead to gum disease. Cases of gum diseases can be mild to severe and result in the loss of teeth and other infections.

Finally, dental health is a critical aspect of your overall health, as dental complications can manifest in health issues throughout the rest of the body.

How teeth represent our personalities

You cannot overestimate the power of a great smile. In fact, behavioural studies indicate that smiling wide and often attracts luck and leads to a better outlook and satisfaction in your job and personal life.

This is also backed up by evolutionary science, as many believe the smile developed as a means of inviting contact with other humans.

A good smile relies heavily on the condition of the teeth but smiling with crooked or missing teeth can be embarrassing. The inability to smile can lead to poor self-confidence and even other self-degrading habits, like slouching of mumbling.


The surprising things your teeth reveal about you

In this way, our smile acts as an introduction and can say a lot about our social status, personal hygiene, and overall health. Your smile can tell a stranger about your personality, age, and even gender and leave a lasting impression before you even introduce yourself.

For instance, younger individuals have incisors with rounded corners while the same teeth in older individuals are short and blunt. Men tend to have long, square lateral incisors, whereas women’s are typically rounded and short.

The shape and size of canine teeth can signify an aggressive personality, and bright, white teeth make us appear more put-together and employable.What Your Teeth Say about Your Character.jpg

How teeth are correlated with personality

The appearance of teeth can correlate strongly with strong personality traits. This includes:

  1. The passive personality

Passive individuals are likely to have flat canine teeth with curvy tops. This is because passivity is associated with poor eating habits like grazing or eating when you are not really hungry and the consumption of carbonated sodas.

  1. The anxious personality

People who are anxious tend to have smaller teeth due to their propensity to chew on foreign, non-food objects and grind their teeth.

  1. The aggressive personality

Thin, pronounced canines are typical of those with overly aggressive tendencies.

  1. The careless personality

Careless personalities often lead to poor oral health habits, and this can manifest in damaged, crooked, or missing teeth.

  1. The competitive personality

Competitive individuals approach oral health with an all-or-nothing attitude that can lead to significant tooth damage. This includes neglecting mouth gear, clenching, and overly aggressive brushing.

Natural remedies for oral health

Oral health problems can be minimised or altogether avoided by practising everyday preventative dental health routines, such as flossing and brushing and scheduling biannual visits to your dental health professional.

However, there are also a number of natural health remedies that are good solutions for maintaining oral health, including:

  • Homemade guava leaf, tea tree, or mint mouthwashes
  • Salt water rinsing
  • Homemade toothpaste containing coconut oil and baking soda
  • Charcoal-based toothpaste for teeth whitening

Developing a dental health issue is not a reason to avoid the dentist. On the contrary, if you are experiencing issues with your dental health, seek the help of a dental professional immediately to begin corrective procedures and get yourself back to a state of oral health and wellness.

Author Bio :

The Smile Gallery, a Private and NHS Dentist in East Grinstead ,West Sussex. Dr Rahul Nehra and Dr Aak Gautam are the principal dentists who genuinely cares about our patients and ensures to create a relaxing atmosphere at the clinic from the start of your dental journey with us.

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