Welcome to Denthusiast!

Hi there! My name is Navi, and welcome to my blog, Denthusiast. This blog is an expression of passion, personal struggle, achieving balance, growth, empowerment, and accomplishment. It is intended to be a place to go where people can be inspired to work towards their dreams, or motivated to try new things.

As I adventure through the world and grow as a healthcare professional, I hope to show you that you can do the same. This life of ours has no limits; you can achieve success, joy, and well-being no matter your past, background, or what your doubtful mind may be telling you. When it comes becoming a dentist, I hope to help those of you who are just a few steps behind me on your journey, as I find my way looking to those ahead of me on mine. Come and explore honest posts about my journey along the way to becoming a doctor, travel, cuisine, self wellness, and action photography.


For inquires, contact the Denthusiast Business Page at Facebook.com/the.denthusiast