My Kitchen


On one of my dental school interviews, my panel asked me what I would want to do if not pursue dentistry. I immediately lit up and confidently blurted out: “if I didn’t want to be a dentist, I would want to be an international foodie/author/traveller/blogger. Ideally, the next Anthony Bourdain.”

Whoa. Oops. Did I say that out loud in a dental school interview?! The panel looked at me, stunned, and then all burst into big smiles. (Phew.) They were so intrigued on why, and we then passionately discussed traveling, culture, and culinary arts for at least fifteen minutes.

I. love. trying. exotic. food! I can’t stress that enough. Even more so, I love cooking and feeding the ones I love. If you’ve travelled with me one thing you know is that where ever I go, I love connecting with locals and doing/experiencing life as the locals do. I think that a culture’s specific cuisine is not only its staple and key to understanding its customs and traditions, but food is a culture’s pride and joy. Where ever I have traveled internationally, (and nationally!), people spread love and their culture most happily and authentically through their food! And It makes me ask questions, wonder about ingredients and spices, curious about health benefits, step out of my comfort zone, and ultimately want to try and recreate world cuisine in my own kitchen.