My “Must-Read” Books For Your Summer Reading List

The American Dental Education Association recommends reading for pleasure to prepare for dental school. Whether it be books, newspapers, magazine articles, etc., pleasure reading can help build your overall speed and comprehension, helping you prepare for the amount of material coming your way in dental school. One of the things I made sure to do … Continue reading My “Must-Read” Books For Your Summer Reading List

An Open Discussion with The Dental School Coach

One of my favorite resources for pre-dents is the dental school coach! Zia, founder of the website and mentor, helps pre-dental students by providing interview tips, personal statement reviews, help with the DAT, mock interviews, and much more. He also interviews successful pre-dents, current dental students, and graduated dentists to build a resource with all different … Continue reading An Open Discussion with The Dental School Coach

The Gap Year

Figuring out if taking a "gap year" is right for you is always a stressful process. Whether you want to do it strengthen your application, to work and save money, to take time off and relax before dental (med/pharm/vet/etc.) school, to travel, or for some other reason, its definitely a very personal decision. In this … Continue reading The Gap Year