How I chose Which Dental School to Attend

If accepted into multiple dental schools, choosing which dental school to attend can be an incredibly tough process. Many things can come into play, such as tuition and cost of living, program values, clinical experience, research, location, etc.; since programs can vary vastly, it is really up to you to decide what you want to … Continue reading How I chose Which Dental School to Attend

The Denthusiast e-magazine is here!

Do you like freebies? Me too! Get your copy of the Denthusiast e-magazine today! Exclusive content: 10 Things NOT to do When Applying to Dental School My Authentic Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe - Vegetarian Version Included! My Top Travel Hacks and Must Have's How to get your e-magazine:  A sign up form will pop up … Continue reading The Denthusiast e-magazine is here!

The Gap Year

Figuring out if taking a "gap year" is right for you is always a stressful process. Whether you want to do it strengthen your application, to work and save money, to take time off and relax before dental (med/pharm/vet/etc.) school, to travel, or for some other reason, its definitely a very personal decision. In this … Continue reading The Gap Year