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Do you like freebies? Me too! Get your copy of the Denthusiast e-magazine today! Exclusive content: 10 Things NOT to do When Applying to Dental School My Authentic Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe - Vegetarian Version Included! My Top Travel Hacks and Must Have's How to get your e-magazine:  A sign up form will pop up … Continue reading The Denthusiast e-magazine is here!

Veggie Saute Pesto Alfredo Linguine

Who doesn’t love Alfredo? This is a classic dish we all love with a twist of my own. I’ve spent quite a while perfecting this beautiful dish just the way I like it; however, the best part about it is that you can easily add your own special twist to it as well. Want to … Continue reading Veggie Saute Pesto Alfredo Linguine