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Do you like freebies? Me too! Get your copy of the Denthusiast e-magazine today! Exclusive content: 10 Things NOT to do When Applying to Dental School My Authentic Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe - Vegetarian Version Included! My Top Travel Hacks and Must Have's How to get your e-magazine:  A sign up form will pop up … Continue reading The Denthusiast e-magazine is here!

The DAT: tips to stay sane and succeed

Oh, the wonderful Dental Admissions Test. Burning out while preparing for this exam is a very probable occurrence, and no matter what you do to try to avoid it, the pressure just gets to be too much. In my experience, as I got closer to my test date, the building stress made me more and more anxious; … Continue reading The DAT: tips to stay sane and succeed