Grenada, West Indies

Grenada is one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean, and I am extremely lucky to have had the chance to visit twice, within a span of seven months! Grenada has a piece of my heart, and it’s not only because my S.O is there for medical school; I have really gotten to know the streets, the sights, the locals, the students, and the culture (obviously, complete thanks to him 🙂 ). One of the best things about Grenada is that is it very untouched. You don’t see commercialization and resorts upon resorts spanning the beaches. There is lush vegetation, stunning beaches with beautiful ocean life, and a clear vibe of authenticity that makes it so, so special.

Every traveler is different, and we all experience the wonder of the world through different perspectives. This list below may not include some of the “absolute best” things to do or see (for example: listed on Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc.), but these things were the ones that were most meaningful to me, and if you get the chance to experience the island, be sure to check ’em out! P.S: I have not been in Grenada while it was Carnival, but the island RAVES about it, and I hope to experience it someday!

Here is a list of my favorite things that i’ve experienced in Grenada:

(1.) Catamaran Snorkeling Trip/Underwater Sculpture Park

If you can rent a catamaran and do a half day sail/snorkel trip, do it. Included in our trip was a couple hours of sailing, snorkeling, open bar, and a trip to the underwater sculpture park. What could be better than relaxing out on a catamaran in the middle of the beautiful Caribbean sea, enjoying some tropical drinks (after snorkeling only, for safety reasons), and making a few stops to see the beautiful ocean life and sculpture park?! Its amazing, and by the end you feel that it was well worth every penny. This has been my favorite thing to do both times i’ve come to Grenada. We went through this company:



(2.) Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited; words and pictures don’t do it justice. Depending on the day you go, you may find calm waters, or big beautiful waves rolling in (YAY body surfing!). I definitely got some bruises by body surfing in the big waves, but it was SO fun that each time I caught a wave and it ran me into the sand, I would just get up and swim back in! Close by is a beach restaurant/bar, Umbrellas, that has great food and drinks!


(3.) Live Music

Two places that we got to hear some awesome live music by locals: Dodgy Dock at the True Blue Bay Resort and LightShip in Egmont. Not only did both groups play some AMAZING Grenadian SOCA music, which really makes everyone in the room get up and dance, but they played songs we all know and love as well. I love a band that takes suggestions from the crowd and then plays the life out of the song! This is something perfect for anyone of all ages, whether you want to relax or get out on the dance floor, and it really makes you feel like you’re having an authentic Grenadian experience.


(4.) Annandale Waterfall/Grand Etang

If you like to hike, Grand Etang is awesome! If you don’t want to do the physical climb, you can always have a taxi take you to the cool stops along the hike as well (which is what we did). Grenada has both tropical and rainforest ecosystems and if you climb up 1,910 feet, you feel that you’re in a whole new world! Stops to check out:

Annandale Waterfall: we jumped in off of the concrete platform. The water is not too deep, but deep enough that it is safe to jump. I love jumping off of things into water, especially with a bunch of friends, so this is a wonderful memory for me. You can also climb around it for some great views and pictures if thats not your thing.

The bottomless lake – a pretty neat site.

The viewpoint – not sure what exactly the name of it is, but i’m sure a local would know. Ask around! You can see all the way down to Grand Anse on a non-foggy day.


(5.) The West Indies Brewery – I loved spending the night out here. Its filled with students, a great selection of brews and ciders from the West Indies Beer Company, and games and music for everyone to enjoy. Its my S.O’s go-to place for an awesome night out, and he was right!


(6.) Doubles – “doubles” is a local delicacy that traditionally originates from Trinidad. When I was talking to a local, I asked where I could find the best doubles on the island and he asked if I was from “Trini”; he explained that Trinidad is where they have originated, but were adopted by Grenadian’s who added a little local twist (which he said, was probably just less spices than those from Trinidad prefer). Anyways, we got to try some at Dodgey Dock, where local vendors had come with local foods! They were just as good, if not better, as I had imagined! It’s basically a doughy flat bread, filled with a mixture of curried chick peas.

(7.) Carenage/Fort George tour: A walk along the Carenage where you can see the “downtown” of Grenada is beautiful. It is so scenic and colorful, filled with the rich history of the island. When the sun starts to set and the lights start to come on around the port is the most breathtaking time to be here. This is a little more touristy than most of the island, but its a great area to shop, see sights such as the local history museum and Fort George (amazing views!), and have lunch. I recommend the restaurant: Sails. Great food, right on the water, and great service and atmosphere!  Also, if you go to Fort George and its closed, you can climb up the side of it and still get some great views. And yes, I mean literally climb (there aren’t any steps you kind of just have to figure it out and make your way up a hill), which is what we did the first time I went. Gotta do what you gotta do!


(8.) Almond Beach – this is a hidden gem. We were taken to this secluded beach by a local who told us we could eat right off of the almond trees (which we did). The views are beautiful; the beach is surrounded by cliffs and the sand is a mix of black and white. It’s pure, untouched, nature. We went when it started to rain a little bit, but caught a few moments of sunshine, where I slipped into the crystal waters. It’s a really romantic spot to experience nature.


(9.) Hog Island – if you have time to check out Hog Island, it is also a hidden gem. We got to experience great live music, wonderful weather to lay out and enjoy the view, meet locals, and even eat fresh (just-caught) lobster! I am unfortunately allergic to shell-fish, but as my friends were eating their eyes were bugging out of their heads with pleasure.

Lastly, a few pictures of the Beyazev Villa, our amazing Air BnB in Egmont. It hurt my soul to leave this place: